Emergency and Disaster Center (EDC)

  During Emergencies Contact  69 51111  
  Functions of Department of Hazards Analysis and Management  

1.    Determination, management, evaluation and continuous control of hazards facing the University.

2.    Preparation and continuous updating on University hazards records.

3.    Preparation of hazards maps inside the University.

4.    Preparation of a guideline for the procedures, mechanisms, instructions and directions for emergencies and disasters inside the University.

5.    Supervision and task specification of field groups.

6.    Supervision of University facing emergencies and disasters.

7.    Supervision of recuperation operations and situation restoration in case of emergency or disaster.

8.    Recourse to specialists from inside and/or outside the University to implement all jobs related to hazards analysis and management.

9.    Preparation of periodic reports for the department of hazard analysis and management to the Center vice Director.

10.  Effectuation of all other tasks due to the department through the Center administration.

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