Emergency and Disaster Center (EDC)

  During Emergencies Contact  69 51111  
  Functions of Department of Communication and Information  

1.    Setting up of essential modern technologies in the Center.

2.    Reception and orientation of calls, responding to incoming queries to the Center around the clock, documentation and analysis.

3.    Coordination between connoted parties for control room operation and specification of the role of each party and the method to deal with.

4.    Setting up suitable systems for early alarming and communication with sectors representatives inside the University, University employees and students.

5.    Setting up a system for all Center electronic information, with electronic archiving and continuous updating.

6.    Supervision of the Center electronic site with continuous updating.

7.    Supervision of all technical systems concerning the Center, with operation and continuous updating.

8.    Coordination between the Center administration and the field groups facing events.

9.    Coordination and follow up situation restoration in case of emergency or disaster.

10.  Recourse to specialists from inside and/or outside the University to implement all jobs related to communication and information.

11.  Preparation of periodic reports for the department of communication and information to the Center vice Director.

12.  Effectuation of all other tasks due to the department through the Center administration. 

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