Emergency and Disaster Center (EDC)

  During Emergencies Contact  69 51111  
  About EDC  

It is envisaged that EDC would equip the KAU campus to meet any emergency and disaster situation within the campus, with the state-of-the art monitoring and mass notification system and shelter facilities. The EDC provides the required information to the concerned Committees of various departments and sections in KAU for the emergency and disaster management at their premises. EDC will be coordinating the activities, set the standards and also follow up the preparedness of the various departments and sections in KAU. At the same time, each department and section takes the complete responsibility of safe guarding their people and properties. The center would keep the staff and students in the campus well informed of the disasters, in the event of possibility of such occurrences, through SMS/E-mail alerts and also through its website. Regular awareness and training programs are planned for the campus inmates. The center also plans to cater to the need of the nation in the development of human resources in disaster management. Vision pioneers in emergency and disaster management mission continually enhance the university readiness to reduce the impact of emergencies and disasters and to improve KAU resilience through modern technologies, integrating activities and provision of information.

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Last Update 5/28/2014 10:51:32 AM